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| Vasudevapuram, Tamil Nadu, India

We are Commercial Kitchen Equipment Manufacturers in Chennai and our brand name is KOOKMATE. Since 1982 we are in the field of Hotel Kitchen Equipment, Canteen Kitchen Equipment, Stainless Steel Kitchen Equipment, Kitchen Ventilation, Kitchen Hood Manufacturers and have satisfied tone of clients in various sectors. We are the dignified part of the ACES group since 1982.

Soon the company realized a gap in the market for providing Air Pollution Control Equipments in the hospitality industry. After venturing to hospitality industry the company had a steady and rising market demand for their product, vwhile serving the manufacuring sector and the hospitality industry the company received several offers for commisioning complete kitchen as turn key projects.

Being a pure Engineering firm, the company ventured in to the commercial cooking and catering equipments manufacturing, kitchen equipments manufacturers in chennai and over the period of time the Equipments have been constantly being tweaked for better performance and pricing. The Equipment that we design are being tested by some of the best chefs available in industry. Today our kitchen equipments are being perferred by some many chefs.

Since the company have been putting smiles in its customers face with some of the most innovative design available in the industry. This is being backed up by a state of the art manufactuing facility and a strict quality control procedure layed down by ISO 9001 standards.

Even today all the Equipments are constantly being updated and tweaked for better performance and has become a routine procedre to do so.

We are always proud in calling us as Commercial Induction Kitchen Equipment Manufacturer and our work portrays as well as commercial kitchen equipment dealers. We have two factories, which are located in Chennai.

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